Safety Relief Valves
The firm is bulding the amazing Safety Relief Valves that are used for connecting the varius joins at one point. The valves are mutiport annd have more than one valves together for effective flow of water.

LPG Cylinders Valves
The LPG Cylinders Valves are build in sturdy, robust and modern design. These are manufactured in different shape,size and function for various industries such as chemical, agricultural, food and beverage industries etc.

Industrial Valves
The Industrial Valves are manufactured and supplied by our company using the best prime metals. These are shaped into accuarte and seamless end products. They are comfortable to use and have long lasting.
Pressure Transmitters
We are constructing the superior Pressure Transmitter Level Switch in our modern machines. These switches provides the safe transmisssion of the voltage from one phase to other.
Excess Flow Check Valves
To provide the best Excess Flow Check Valves, we are offering different range of valves for transferring the liquids from one place to other. These are rust-resistance, inert and can tolerate heavy pressure.

The Couplings we are providing, made from top notch copper metal and construct into perfect shape and size with seamless finish. We are manufacturing these devices under strict industry norms and actions.

Level Gauges
Buy our different Level Guage to measure the depth of the fluids in the tanks, containers, lakes etc. These are install with smart digital software which provide perfect reading without any error.
Portable LPG Tank Safety Fittings
We are constructing the durable Portable LPG Tank Safety Fittings that are used for holding the LPG cylinders at their places and prevent any hazards to occur. These cylinders are in shape of capsule and are used fro storing the different kinds of petroleum.

Automobile Spare Part
Our company supplies automobile spare parts which can be quickly installed and operational. Many automobile manufacturers reply on us to assist them in bringing these parts to their assembly lines.